The Chair AffairAs a non-profit organization, fundraisers are essential to our daily operations. Our mission to support and connect local businesses can only be accomplished through community support.

To show our gratitude, we wanted to host a member appreciation event where we could connect with existing and new businesses and thank them for their continued involvement. Thus, the Chair Affair was born.

Why a chair, you ask? The chair is symbolic to our relationship with businesses. Much like the Chamber, a chair offers support and brings people together. Local business owners and individuals donated chairs to be included in the semi-silent auction, showcasing an array of artistic talents.

Connections were made, business exchanged, and it reaffirmed what we long suspected…there’s more talent in our little town than any of us imagined!

For more information on this event, donating a chair, or Chamber membership, please contact our office at 940-872-1173.