Montague County Shopper

Contact: Carol Head
Business 306 Lindsey St Bowie TX 76230 Office Phone: 940-872-6186Office Fax: 940-872-3559 Website: The Shopper Online


Established March 27, 1980, The Shopper  is a weekly publication that is offered FREE to our readers. Our distribution area is centered around Montague County. There are 13,899 papers printed with 12,034 papers Direct-Mailed to every mailbox in Montague County, as well as Bellevue and Alvord, plus another 1,515 papers are in racks.

The Shopper  Classified Ads start at $5.00 for 15 words for personal ads such as “For Sale” items that are $50 or less. Commercial ads are $6.00 for 15 words on anything business related, such as: Animals For Sale, Hay For Sale, Real Estate, Babysitting, Housecleaning, Services Offered, Etc. These are pre-paid prices. The prices are slightly more if a customer charges to their account.

The Shopper  Display Ads are available in a variety of sizes. The 1×1 size is the smallest size available @ $8.00 per issue, all the way up to a Full Page. A 2×2 (Business Card size) ad starts at $26.00 per issue, and as low as 22.00 per issue. We offer consecutive multiple-run discounts also.

The Shopper  also inserts Flyers, Circulars, etc. There is a minimum of 2,000. We will insert by zip code, part or full circulation.

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306 Lindsey St Bowie TX 76230