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Bowie Industries

The best way to describe the narrative of Bowie Industries is to retell the story from another Texas Treasure Business Award recipient, Bowie News. In 1960 the newspaper printed the story of Owen Meyer - the story of a local boy who made good in his own hometown. Meyer was [...]

Bowie Industries2023-07-20T23:50:26-06:00

Pizza, Pizza!

Family recipes have found their way into our Bowie homes and everyday lives through delicious pizza pies. And it has happened at Milano's Pizza, located in historic downtown Bowie. Owner, Omar Hazaimeh says it was the welcoming nature and kindness of area residents during a trip through town that made him [...]

Pizza, Pizza!2023-03-13T13:54:45-06:00

2020 Chicken & Bread Days Festivities

The Bowie Community Development Board is hatching a full day of activities for the 25th Annual Chicken and Bread Days Heritage Festival on Saturday, Oct. 3 in downtown Bowie, Texas. Rise with the chickens to enjoy the Championship Fiddlers Competition starting at 10 a.m. in the Bowie Fire Hall, see the shine of the Piston [...]

2020 Chicken & Bread Days Festivities2023-03-13T13:57:33-06:00

Shelves Stocked with Bargains

Phillip and Randi Burtram, owners of Randi's Bargain Barn, are a bright addition to Bowie's retail business community. Their welcoming store atmosphere and helpful customer service make their establishment one you have to experience! As the sign outside states, Phillip and Randi's shelves are stocked with liquidated and overstock bargains from [...]

Shelves Stocked with Bargains2023-03-13T13:54:08-06:00

Sweet Dreams

Angie Meyers, Owner of Creative Cakes in Downtown Bowie, started decorating cakes as a young child. At the age of five, she knew there would be baking in her adult future. Angie says, "I am a people-pleaser and there is no easier way to make someone smile than by giving them baked goods!" She learned [...]

Sweet Dreams2023-03-13T13:59:02-06:00
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