Kory Hooks

Greetings, Chamber!

Have you ever been so busy that you actually missed the time change?  I’m not talking about arriving at church only to learn that it’s over.  I mean actually miss it.   My wife and I planned a last minute road trip.  We woke up Sunday, packed up and left.  On Monday evening my wife was talking with a friend about the time change and how much it messes with your body clock.  I quickly agreed, “when does it change?” I asked.  They both looked at me and laughed, “yesterday!”

I had been so busy I didn’t notice.   When I woke Sunday, I just looked at my phone for the time.  By then Stephanie had changed all of our home clocks.  My truck, like my phone, automatically updated and I was none the wiser.  I mean, I just lost an hour of my life and had no idea.

Spring is here, flowers are blooming, grass is growing and Easter is near.  Texas is fully opened and we are finally seeing signs of the life we know and love.  I encourage you to slow down and take it all in.  Each Day, Each Moment, God has blessings in store for you each and every day.  Slow down and find them.  Don’t let an hour go to waste!

God bless,
Kory Hooks
Chamber Board President