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Angie Meyers, Owner of Creative Cakes in Downtown Bowie, started decorating cakes as a young child. At the age of five, she knew there would be baking in her adult future. Angie says, “I am a people-pleaser and there is no easier way to make someone smile than by giving them baked goods!” She learned how to bake and decorate from watching her mother decorate cakes for family and friends. In fact, Angie’s mother decorated her first wedding cake while pregnant with her! “I did cakes for family and friends as well until 2007 when I purchased Creative Cakes from Margaret Nored. It was a 30 year old landmark business for Bowie and I felt a great deal of responsibility to continue its success,” Angie explained. During the purchasing process, Angie worked for Margaret for a few months while the sale went through and gained a wealth of knowledge. She expresses such gratitude for all the influential women who invested in her – Margaret, Angie’s mother, Sue Duncan, both of her grandmothers, Dottie Clarkson and Iva Duncan, and my husband’s grandmother, Thelma Goolsby. Angie says, “Our grandmothers are both gone now but a little of them lives on with me every day. When I make cinnamon rolls or wild plum jelly, it reminds me of time spent with my MawMaw. I made my Grannyma Duncans meatloaf for 11 years, every Thursday when we still served lunch here at the bakery. She fed every person that walked through her door and it would warm her heart to know I served it to several of her great, great grandchildren.”

Angie’s favorite part of her job is being part of the happy moments in everyone’s lives. “I made a baby shower cake several years ago to celebrate a new baby and recently made the same baby’s wedding cake, years later! That’s amazing to me. To be a trusted part of a family’s celebrations is very gratifying,” Angie said.

When we asked Angie about the cornerstones of her business she said she has always told her employees to greet every customer, as soon as they walk in the door. Each visitor should feel like a friend walking in the door, not just a customer. Business CEO or janitor…they are all important to her. Every product has to be the same every time, consistency is key. If you can’t put your heart into it, don’t put your hands on it. In other words, do your best every time.

As a local gal, most of you know Angie for her sweet creations and contagious joy. Did you know she’s also an aspiring author? She wrote quite a few short stories in college but with a busy business, she has very little time to write. She did recently publish a cookbook that she hopes to order a second printing of soon.

Surrounded by all sorts of delicious treats during the day, Angie’s favorites are still a toss up between her Grannyma Duncan’s chocolate pie and peanut butter ice cream. She is a peanut butter fanatic…and we tend to agree!

Next time you’re out around town, stop by for your warm welcome and yummy finds at 104 N. Smythe Street in Bowie. You can also follow along on Facebook.


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